Barcelona Declaration on Tourism and Collaborative Economy

Barcelona Declaration on Tourism and Collaborative Economy

Feb 10, 2017


NECSTouR is proud to present the Barcelona Declaration on Tourism and Collaborative Economy: Opportunities for Growth and Jobs in Europe.

This document gathers the outcomes of the discussion held during the Thematic Workshop on Tourism and Collaborative Economy, organised by the NECSTouR's Working Group "Digital Platforms", hosted by Catalonia on the 2nd of December in Barcelona.

The main priorities of this open dialogue are now included into this final declaration and can be summarized as follows:

  • The actors of the collaborative economy should take into consideration the impact their activities have on the local and regional territories and communities to achieve a proper territorial Planning that maximizes the positive impact the collaborative economy has both for the tourists and the inhabitants.
  • New and common metrics have to be developed to measure the supply and demand of the collaborative economy to understand its role in the whole System of tourism and its impact on the territory and communities to give the legislator a sound and objective basis for their decisions
  • Legislators must reflect on whether the impact of digitalisation on economy and employment is asking to re-think the current rules and not simply extended to new business models
  • Cooperation must be ensured for: a clear definition and differentiation between private and commercial hosts, liability and responsibility, a proper sharing of data and statistics, the respect of the rating principle, trust and individual data protection
  • Search for an overall integrated approach to the collaborative economy orientated towards Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Tourism and inspired by the principles of fair competition, search of neutrality and transparency
  • Foster of an open dialogue and the search for the common good of the European citizens

NECSTouR thanks you for the participative dialogue that we started during the workshop and invites you endorse this declaration and the principles that this document is putting on evidence.

NECSTouR invites the European Institutions to refer to the Barcelona Declaration when pursuing this stakeholders dialogue, in the field of Tourism and Collaborative Economy, based on the NECSTouR's successful experience.

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