Barcelona's Declaration Presented at the European Commission

Barcelona's Declaration Presented at the European Commission

Feb 16, 2017


The European Commission officially launched the Project on Accommodation Rental Services with an Open Plenary and a first Workshop on the "Market Access Requirement for Accommodation Providers" organised in Brussels on the 14th of February.

NECSTouR's Working Group on Digital Platforms actively participated to both the events.


The Open Plenary, has been the occasion to present the Workshop on "Tourism and Collaborative Economy: Opportunities for Growth and Jobs in Europe", held in Barcelona on the 2nd of December 2016.

Mr Tomaso Comazzi, from the Permanent Secretariat of NECSTouR, presented the main outcomes of the open dialogue initiated on that occasion among all the main parties interested by the phenomena of the Collaborative Economy and included now in the Barcelona's Declaration.

Download his intervention
Download the Barcelona's Declaration on "Tourism and Collaborative Economy"


The afternoon session has been dedicated into discuss and exchange experiences and best practices about the market access requirements for accommodation providers, with the participation of the European Commission, National authorities of each Member State, representatives of Regional and Municipal authorities and of the main stakeholders involved.

Ms Elena Lacasa - leader of the Working Group on Digital Platforms - presented on the name of NECSTouR the case of Catalonia


Another 5 workshops will be organise during the next months.

The purpose of this series of workshop is:

  • To discuss and exchange experiences and best practices;
  • To translate the general guidance and policy recommendations of the June 2016 Commission Comunication into more concrete indications specifically for the collaborative short-term accommodation rental service sector; and thereby
  • To reduce regulatory fragmentation, facilitate the implementation of EU law and promote the balanced development of the collaborative economy.

As it has been underlined by both the NECSTouR's representatives during this first meeting, NECSTouR is happy to be part of this discussion and will actively follow all the further steps of this initiative.


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