Balance of the Impact of the war in Ukraine in Liguria

Balance of the Impact of the war in Ukraine in Liguria

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 23/03/2022

Pre-crisis Situation

Total Russian presences in Liguria were 203,481 in 2018 and 229,789 in 2019, with an increase of 12.93%[1].

Russian tourism has a significant quantitative influence, but above all qualitative, mainly at an economic level.


Current Situation and Consequences

The risk of a drop in bookings does not only affect tourists from Russia.

The air locks make travels more difficult, long, and expensive but the emergency of war and the possibility that it will involve other countries that hinders, the choice of destinations that require long journeys.

The air lock requires the choice of options including stopovers in countries not included in the air blockade lists. This involves an increase in expenditure and times and therefore it influences arrivals, mainly non-European ones.

Tax constraints are also an obstacle to travels.


Measures taken

The situation is so uncertain yet that it is not possible to plan specific actions.

This conflict broke out immediately after the approval of the validity of the Sputnik vaccine for the Green Pass which would have allowed our region to become an interesting destination for a wide international audience, starting with the Russian market.


[1] Source: Osservatorio turistico Regione Liguria

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