Balance of the Impact of the war in Ukraine in South Sweden

Balance of the Impact of the war in Ukraine in South Sweden

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 23/03/2022

Pre-crisis Situation

Russian and Ukrainian markets were practically nonexistent before the war.


Impact of the War

The war is having an impact mainly for the internal market.

South Sweden is very attractive to Swedes, so they may choose this destination rather than going abroad.

However, there are serorious concerns on the economic consequences related to the prices of electricity and fuels.

Thoughts on if this crisis will accelerate the sustainability work on fossil-free fuel in the same way as the Corona crisis did with digitalisation.


Economic Consequences

Already high electricity prices have become even higher, which affects companies to a large extent in southern Sweden[1]

Petrol prices have risen dramatically. With 82% tourists coming with car, how will they react? Will they come and stay longer, or will they choose to spend their holiday at home?

The stock market crash has reduced savings and perhaps even the irritability of traveling.


Measures taken

Municipalities are working to secure housing for the refugees who will come


[1] Sweden is divided into 4 areas where southern Sweden has the highest tariff in the country.


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