Good Practices

Good Practices

We collect, categorise and share Good Practice on Competitive and Sustainable Tourism among our Member Regions, since 2009.

“Toscana Plastic Free" Project

In 2019, Regional Parliament of Tuscany adopted a dedicated legislation on Plastic reduction. Since then, the Tuscany Region has been working on several initiatives connecting plastic reduction in tourism. The project “Toscana Plastic Free" is an initiative launched by Tuscany Region and implemented by Toscana Promozione Turistica and Fondazione Sistema Toscana, which included  awareness raising campaigns on sustainability and promotional actions.

Andalusian Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition

The Region of Andalusia is deeply committed with the objective of “Zero pollution” according to the Law 8/2018 of climate change and energy transition of Andalusia, a law whose objectives are the quality of air, the management of waste and the promotion of the circular economy. 

The Balearic Islands Law on Waste and Polluted Soils

The Balearic Islands Law 8/2019 on Waste and Polluted Soils establishes the regulatory framework for waste with applications in the tourism industry, specially within the HORECA related sectors.

Visit Scotland Climate Action Plan

Visit Scotland is the first National Tourism Authority to declare tourism climate emergency and recommends NECSTouR members to join as well.

Get inspired by the Visit Scotland Climate Action Plan and find out how to translate it your destination’s reality. Chek here


Liguria: Covid-19 Recovery Actions on Tourism (Update 21/04)

Actions 2021

In 2021 Regione Liguria, on proposal of the Councilors Berrino and Cavo, will renew the Tourism Pact created in 2020 for the Covid emergency (see below).

Due to the excellent results obtained by the initiative and the data on the dramatic loss of tourists of last year that emerged in the analysis of the Regional Tourist Observatory, the new bonuses have been structured to give continuity to the measures for workers and businesses.

"Canarias Destino": Shared strategy for the transformation of the tourism model in the Canary Islands

Canary Islands Tourism Board just released Canarias Destino (Canary Destination). This is the transformation strategy to build, over the next few years, a more competitive tourism by improving its resilience, a greater commitment to climate neutrality and an enhancement of its capacity to generate value, in favour of the citizens and businesses of the Canary Islands.

River tourism: The Vltava, a river full of experiences

The project focuses on the Vltava as a waterway and its surroundings, cycle routes, monuments, UNESCO heritage, and other attractions. The project introduces the river to visitors as one attractive tourism destination. This good practice was presented at the occasion of Star Cities International Learning Session.

IDENTIS: Integrated Development of Natural and Cultural Tourism in Tisa River Region

The IDENTIS project is a collaborative strategy of tourism development on the Tisa, a river affluent of the Danube, between the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina and the Hungarian county of Congrad. This good practice was presented at the occasion of Star Cities International Learning Session.

B2B pymeetings: A new service to support Andalusian tourist SMEs

Andalusia launches a new service to connect local small and medium tourist enterprises, enabling them to work together to alleviate the effects of the pandemic.
With the motto “Get to know new experiences today, sell them tomorrow”,  this initiative aims to connect SMEs offering services with those who are about to sell them.

CEnTOUR Project: The FAICC's way to develop Circular Economy in Tourism

Our members of the Forum of the Adriatic and Ionian Chambers of Commerce (FAICC) are partner of CEnTOUR, a new COSME Project boosting sustainable tourism development and capacity of tourism SMEs through transnational cooperation and knowledge transfer.



A decision-enhancement tool by VisitScotland in response to Covid19 crisis

VisitScotland plans to use data to predict future tourism demand and capacity through the development of a decision-enhancement tool.

This tool will enable the organisation to identify and anticipate tourism infrastructure needs, in order to prioritise opportunities for investment in Scotland’s tourism infrastructure.

YouFlanders Mobile App Response to Covid19 crisis

YouFlanders Mobile App has the objective of giving the visitor the right instruments to visit the region during the pandemic by helping them identify alternative tourism experiences.

The app is not only aimed at visitors, it is also a tool to help local businesses get information and to develop their activities accordingly.

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