Good Practices

Good Practices

We collect, categorise and share Good Practice on Competitive and Sustainable Tourism among our Member Regions, since 2009.

Andalusia: New actions to recover the impacts of the pandemic in the tourism sector (NEW 07/07)

The focus

Besides the Andalusia Tourism Contingency Plan for the COVID-19 crisis aiming to mitigate the negative effects of the crisis based on :i) Implementation of contingency actions, incentives to maintain employment, financing and business liquidity, and implementation of fiscal actions and ii) Marketing Actions (see more information here

Liguria: Covid-19 Recovery Actions on Tourism (NEW 07/07)

The actions

Liguria Region has created an online webpage gathering all the different measures deployed to support the recovery of the COVID-19 outbreak:

Flanders: Towards the Recovery of Tourism (NEW 30/06)

The region of Flanders is focusing its efforts on recover the tourism ecosystem with dedicated support for an amount of EUR 28.5 million and a tourism safe restart operation with the launch of an app.

Catalonia: Towards the Recovery of Tourism Businesses and Destinations (NEW 23/06)

The Tourism department of the Regional Government of Catalonia together with the Catalan Tourism Board, are working in cooperation with the local tourism public and private stakeholders in order to develop a strategy that can lead the recovery of the Catalan tourism businesses and destinations. The Catalan Tourism Recovery Plan is being defined through this participatory approach and it’s entitling also some reorientations on the Catalan Tourism Strategy and Marketing plan for the years to come.


The Barcelona City Council has release a Press kit on how Barcelona is preparing itself as a safe city to guarantee visits and access to its spaces during the post coronavirus period.

Region of Valencia: Recovery Plan for Tourism (Update 02/10)

The region of Valencia has set up a Recovery Plan for Tourism against COVID -19 “RECUPERATUR COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA 2020”.

Valencia Region: COVID-19 – Tourism Action Plan (update 23/06)

The regional government of Valencia has established an Action Plan against COVID-19 effects in the tourism sector through an Inter-governmental coordination, aiming to ensure continuous contacts with the other regional departments of the Generalitat (Health, Emergencies, Employment, Economy...) to agree and develop protocols of action on the various extraordinary measures that are being taken.

Wallonia: Recovery Plan dedicated to Tourism (NEW 23/06)

A Walloon taskforce has been working on developing a recovery plan dedicated to tourism. The taskforce is composed of the official bodies - “Commissariat general au Tourisme” (the Walloon administration of tourism) “Wallonia Belgium Tourism” (in charge of the promotion of Wallonia in Belgium and abroad) and representatives of the Minister of Tourism -, and works in collaboration with the private sector.

Brittany: Recovery Plan dedicated to Tourism (NEW 23/06)

The region of Brittany has put on the table more than one and half million euros to support the recovery of the tourism industry.

Brittany: COVID-19 Response (update 23/06/2020)

The Brittany region has taken some measures to support the SMEs, including tourism, during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Visit Scotland: COVID-19 response, supporting the tourism businesses (Update 23/06)

Visit Scotland is putting all its efforts in responding to COVID-19 by ensuring that tourism rebounds to become one of the most successful sectors of the Scottish economy once more, through the deployment of 8 measures, related to the following topics:

West Sweden – Västra Götaland: COVID-19 – Tourism responses (Update 09/06)

The West Sweden Tourist Board has put in place a help desk to give guidance on questions from business with regards to the COVID19 pandemic and the tourism situation.

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