Photo by CDT94

Report: Star Cities Learning Session on Governance and Cooperation

The Interreg Europe Star Cities project organised a virtual interregional learning session from February 9 to 12. Adapting its work programme to the sanitary situation, the event was originally intended to take place near Paris, France. 

The event coordinated by the Val-de-Marne Tourism Board showcased good practices, separated on sub-themes. Two joint strategies from guest regions from the NECSTouR network - AMBIS University and the Vojvodina Travel - were selected following a survey we launched a few months ago. Respond to the new survey to share your riverside good practices on Environment & Sustainable strategies.

You can relive each session on YouTube including presentations of good practices from stakeholders from two other NECSTouR regions (Ile-de-France and Lazio Region) already engaged in the consortium. Discover, among others things : the joint Action Plan implemented by Marne river DMOs ; the Kurs Elbe Tourism Destination office ; the Agenda Tevere, a Hub of associations and individual citizens around the Tiber river ; the Barjanka Cycling Race in Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park ; etc.

NECSTouR joint strategies on River Tourism

This joint strategy of the South and Central Bohemian Region focuses on the Vltava as a waterway and its surroundings, including cycle routes, famous monuments, UNESCO heritage sites, and other attractions. Read more about the good practice, presented by AMBIS University, in our knowledge hub.

The IDENTIS project (Integrated Development of Natural and Cultural Tourism in Tisa River Region) is a collaborative strategy of tourism development on a river affluent of the Danube, between the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina and the Hungarian county of Congrad. Read more about the good practice, presented by Vojvodina Travel, in our Knowledge Hub.