IDENTITIS: Integrated Development of Natural and Cultural Tourism in Tisa River Region

IDENTIS: Integrated Development of Natural and Cultural Tourism in Tisa River Region

    Thomas Guillot
  • 15/03/2021

The IDENTIS project is a collaborative strategy of tourism development on the Tisa, a river affluent of the Danube, between the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina and the Hungarian county of Congrad. This good practice was presented at the occasion of Star Cities International Learning Session.

Tisa abounds with natural beauty and represents an extraordinary potential for tourism development enabling overall socio-economic development of the region by involving various stakeholders into the very process of products and routes marketing.

The project lasted 18 months and ended in July 2020. The expected main result is to increase the number of visitors to cultural heritage attractions in the Tisa Region, as well as to establish cooperation between tourism organizations, operators, companies, and the locals of the two neighbouring countries.

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Three joint tourism products (three thematic tourist routes) were created including the most attractive tourist destinations in the region, designed especially on cultural and natural heritage. The new joint tourism products are the result of common planning and is based on the Regional Tourism Development Strategy.

The Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, the leading partner in the project, has developed a database – website, and a brochure, which covers all key entities in the municipality along the Tisa River.

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