he Vltava, a river full of experiences

River tourism: The Vltava, a river full of experiences

    Thomas Guillot
  • 15/03/2021

The project focuses on the Vltava as a waterway and its surroundings, cycle routes, monuments, UNESCO heritage, and other attractions. The project introduces the river to visitors as one attractive tourism destination. This good practice was presented at the occasion of Star Cities International Learning Session.

The project is a guide for all stakeholders to the process and direction of development of the Vltava as a tourist product from the spring at Šumava Kvilda to the Elbe confluence near Mělník. 

The principal, shared, and unifying goals are to increase visitation, extend the length of overnight stays, sustainably develop tourist infrastructure along the river´s 430-kilometer-long stream. With the growing number of tourists, there is a risk that an unbearable number will gather in one place. The aim of the project is, therefore, to spread an equal share on the waterway during the season. 

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South Bohemia and Central Bohemia
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The goal of destination governance is to improve the destination's competitiveness by creating and managing a joint activity. The concept of destination governance is based on networks, relationships,  and partnerships between the private and public sectors.

Results and Monitoring


A DMO network is being built, and new DMOs are founded.

Original DMOs developed new projects around the waterway, including those not directly related to the river, focusing on sustainability.

Tourist areas began to pay more attention to the river and boating. 

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