Balance of the Tourism Season in 2021 in the Basque Country

Balance of the Tourism Season in 2021 in the Basque Country

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 21/09/2021

The balance of the tourism season in Basque Country is from June and July because the final data of August will be published at the end of September.

Clear recovery of tourism activity in June and July 2021. There haven been significant increases in the number of visitors and overnight stays, compared to the same months of 2020. Above all, the figures for the month of July show the number of visitors and overnigt stays close to the figures recorded in the summer before the pandemic.

Another indicator that shows the improvement of the situation is the leve lof supply of tourist accommodations opened in the summer months. Following the restrictions adopted to combat the COVID 19in the previous months of 2021 and in 2020, decreases the percentage to 15 % of tourist accommodations closed, but does not reach the figures for the summer months of 2019 with less than 5 % of tourist accommodations closed.

Regarding the occupancy rates in tourist accommodation, bed and romos occupancy rates, it grows in comparison with the summer months of last year, reaching an average of 45 %. In some tourist acommodation typologies the occupancy rate has been higher than the average, and also in July there are higher occupancy figures reaching more than 70 % in some areas of the Basque country.

The city of San Sebastian and the coastal destinations have the highest occupancy rate of the total of Basque Country, with significant increases compared to the summer months of 2020, and they recorded the figure of almost 80 % of occupancy rate in July.

Unlike summers in previous years where international demand weighed 49 %, and national demand 51 %, this summer there is a greater presence of those coming from other Spanish regions, 70% compared to 30% of international demand. The main issuing markets are the Community of Madrid, Catalonia, the internal market (from Basque Country), and the French market.


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