Balearic Islands' Initiatives on Circular Economy

Balearic Islands' Initiatives on Circular Economy

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 16/06/2021

The Government of the Balearic Islands as part of its commitment on climate action, has financed different initiatives on circular economy in the tourism sector by using the sustainable tourism tax. For example, one concrete initiative enabled a hotel to buy machinery to produce compost from the hotel kitchen/garden waste. The organic compost was given to a local farmer who used it to grow vegetables which were then given to the hotel. This circle unites the tourism ecosystem not only by their joint commitment in generating zero waste, but also by fostering the value of being part form a community where all stakeholders have a role to play.

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This good practice was presented at the NECSTouR Workshop "UNWTO initiatives tackling the “Greening” transition of destinations".
Check the report and the other members' initiatives presented.

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