Liguria: Covid-19 Recovery Actions (NEW 07/07)

Liguria: Covid-19 Recovery Actions on Tourism (Update 21/04)

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 21/04/2021

Actions 2021

In 2021 Regione Liguria, on proposal of the Councilors Berrino and Cavo, will renew the Tourism Pact created in 2020 for the Covid emergency (see below).

Due to the excellent results obtained by the initiative and the data on the dramatic loss of tourists of last year that emerged in the analysis of the Regional Tourist Observatory, the new bonuses have been structured to give continuity to the measures for workers and businesses.

These are hiring bonuses in favour of tourism companies and the “Smart @ ttivo” intervention line for training courses always aimed at personnel of the sector. The employment bonuses will concern contracts with a minimum duration of four months to allow reopening and hiring; counting on the probable extension of the tourist season in autumn, the second step will go from five months of 2020 up to six months. The first bonus is equal to 3000 euros as in 2020 while the second increases from 4 to 4500 euros.

The Smart @ ttivo agreement provides for the possibility of participating in 60-hour training activities in three months; the courses will be possible also for groups of three or four people in order to meet the real needs of the tourism sector with the right timing.

The maximum amount of the participation bonus is 1500 euros.


Actions 2020

Liguria Region has created an online webpage gathering all the different measures deployed to support the recovery of the COVID-19 outbreak:  

Among the measures:

- Guidelines for the reopening of economic and production activities
- Layoff derogation for COVID-19
- Measures in support of business. A section dedicated to the initiatives of the Region starting from the needs of citizens and businesses. Discover the calls and initiatives tailored for you!
- Guidelines for trials


Tourism Focus 2020

A section focused on the COVID-19 emergency in the Ligurian tourism website highlights the measures and opportunities available for the tourism businesses of the Region:


38.5 million euros to Micro and Small Enterprises of Tourism, Trade and Craftmanship

Thanks to the agreement between the Liguria Region and the banking system, the 5.5-million-euro regional guarantee fund has been activated. It will allow businesses in the trade, tourism and craftmanship sectors to access guaranteed loans at favorable rates (0.75 % per annum), with a 7x multiplier of dedicated public resources that will enable activating over 38.5 million euros.
- from April 10 to September 30, 2020
- resources from 10 thousand to 30 thousand euros

6 million euros for recruitment bonuses in tourism and support for seasonal workers

Resulting opportunities for tourism businesses:

- Loans of up to 30 thousand euros reserved for tourism businesses to support corporate liquidity

- Non-refundable grants:

1. Up to 15 thousand euros for Covid security interventions
2. Up to 600 euros of training vouchers for digital skills (for companies benefiting from the call to support e-commerce and smart working)
3. Up to 125 thousand euros to strengthen assets and share business risks - calls from June 30 on LigurCapital


- Recruitment bonus in the tourism sector within the extraordinary plan of support to the tourist sector for emergency covid-19. It includes:

3 thousand euros for contracts of 4 months and over
4 thousand euros for contracts of 5 months and over
6 thousand euros for permanent contracts


Resulting opportunities for seasonal workers in tourism

Bonus of 500 euros per month for 5 months to participate in specialization courses (smart@attivo)


Regulation of furnished apartments for tourist use:


Supporting Material

- Liguria Region online webpage dedicated to recovery from COVID-19 outbreak
- Ligurian tourism website dedicated to the COVID-19 emergency


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