Sustainable Development Report 2020

Sustainable Development Report 2020

  • 13/08/2020

Use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to build back better after Covid-19


The world is facing the worst public health and economic crisis in a century. As of June 20th, 2020, around 463,000 people had died from Covid‑19 across the world. The health crisis is affecting all countries, including high-income countries in Europe and North America.

 The necessary measures taken to respond to the immediate threat of Covid‑19, including the shutdown of many economic activities for weeks, have led to a global economic crisis with massive job losses and major impacts, especially on vulnerable groups. This is a significant setback for the world’s ambition to achieve the SDGs, in particular for poor countries and population groups.


The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) is delighted to share with you the 2020 Sustainable Development Report which shows how to use the Sustainable Development Goals to build back better after Covid-19!

 The report outlines the likely short-term impacts of Covid-19 on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and describes how the SDGs can frame the recovery. It also tracks progress by countries towards the SDGs.

 Since its launch in 2016, this annual report has provided the most up-to-date data to track and rank the performance of all UN member states on the SDGs. As an unofficial monitoring tool, the SDR is complementary to official efforts to monitor the SDGs.


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