NECSTouR ToT Lab rewarded by the European Commission

NECSTouR ToT Lab rewarded by the European Commission


The NECSTouR project Tourism of Tomorrow Lab has just been rewarded by the European Commission. It will shortly benefit from expertise business and legal advisory support the commercial running of the project in the market.


What is ToT Lab

The Tourism of Tomorrow Lab (ToT Lab) is the investment project driven by Andalusia, Lapland, NECSTouR and Amadeus, with the support of Tuscany, the Valencia Community, Balearic Islands, which results from the work of the Digitalisation and Safety for Tourism partnership (thematic S3P for Industrial Modernisation).

The ToT Lab aims at creating the ”European Centre of Tourism (Data Intelligence) Excellence”: A Public - Private European joint venture configured  by Destinations, Tech travel providers, Travel Companies and other agents all committed to the European public-private collaboration in the field of tourism data collection and analysis.

The ToT Lab will combine global, regional and local data and information and provide destinations with data, smart solutions and the necessary support to apply those into effective decision making within sustainable development values providing smart solutions and consultancy.

The aim of this intelligence and smart solutions is to contribute to fostering the tourism recovery and regeneration needed to mitigate the dramatic effects of COVID-19 crisis in the European tourism sector


How to contribute

NECSTouR members are welcome to engage in this exercise, bringing their expertise and supporting the launch of the ToT Lab for the benefit of our tourism destinations.


Contact the ToT Lab Parntership for more information:

Project Manager: José Luis Córdoba Leiva (
Partners: Ana Moniche (, Kristian Sievers ( and Cristina Nunez (