Andalusia Strategic Projects on Cyclotourism

Government of Andalusia is involved in in three projects aiming at promoting cyclotourism as a way of tackling overcrowded touristic areas, giving more sustainable options to visitors and tourists as well as contributing to boost the economy of inland, rural and more isolated areas : Eurovelo 1 & 8 and the Eco-Cicle.

Eurovelo 1 - Atlantic Coast Road

Eurovelo 1 is the most developed European Cycling route, crossing Andalusia from North to South-West. It plays a strategic role towards a sustainable regional tourism development, because of its low environmental footprint and for a remarkable multiplier effect: promotion of cyclotourism requires low investments and the return of investments is very fast. The Regional Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration is a partner of the AtlanticOnBike project who aims at achieving positive economic outcomes thanks to a transnational cycle tourism strategy based on the natural and cultural assets of the Eurovelo 1.

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Eurovelo 8 - Mediterranean Route

The regional Ministry of Infrastructure of Andalusia is the Lead Partner of the Interreg MEDCYCLETOUR project, supporting the current development of this long-distance cycle route that connects the whole Mediterranean from Cyprus to Cádiz. The overall objective of this project is to use this route as a tool to influence policies in favour of sustainable tourism, providing transnational solutions in coastal areas across the Mediterranean.

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Interreg Europe Eco-Cicle

The regional Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration also collaborates as stakeholder also in the Interreg Europe ECO-CICLE Project. Andalusia count on a wide network of paths with different origins (rural paths, former rail tracks, cattle tracks etc) which allows to travel by bike around its territory, bringing new opportunities for employment in rural areas. ECO­CICLE aims that bicycle becomes the official sustainable transport to access natural heritage while fostering endogenous economic revival through a popular modality of tourism.

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