NECSTouR's Presidency at ITB Berlin

NECSTouR's Presidency at ITB Berlin


"Innovative Nation Branding: Creative Economies, Sustainable Tourism & Responsible Foreign Investments" is the title of the intervention of Mr Patrick Torrent at the Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy, on the 9th of March at the ITB event in Berlin.

On the previous day, Mr Torrent attended the UNWTO session on the "so-called sharing economy" as well.


Innovation in the tourism model, Innovative nation branding, Customer centric innovation, Creative process to create experiences, Creative networks.

According to Mr Torrent that are the main five innovative Nation Branding for the future.

"Responsible tourism model in networking - stated Mr Torrent at the end of his intervention - is recommended by NECSTouR as a model included in the centre of the European tourism policy.
Responsible tourism model is indeed able to inspire the policies of Cooperation and Foreign investment".

The President of NECSTouR presented how its member Regions are able to face together the main current challenges in Sustainability and Competitiveness - like breaking seasonality, cultural and creative tourism, Digitalisation and sharing economy.