Project Summary

Project Summary


Created on the continuation of the BlueTourMED project, The MED Sustainable Tourism Community is the second generation of an horizontal project aiming to find solutions for the protection and promotion of natural and cultural resources in the Mediterranean area through a coherent strategy of Community Building, Communication and Capitalisation.

What is the goal of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community?

"Despite its economic and social importance, tourism development is exerting undue pressures on natural and built environment. These pressures may threaten the quality of life of local populations, degrade the tourism assets and, by consequence, affect negatively future tourism developments. Exploiting the full potential of tourism requires an innovative approach and sustainable basis. Therefore, effective strategies and targeted integrated actions should be developed and implemented across the Mediterranean region."

Created in November 2016 within the framework of the Interreg MED Programme, the MED Sustainable Tourism Community has been renewed for a three-year period till June 2022 to make tourism a real driver for inclusive and sustainable growth. 

Since 2019, five new territorial cooperation projects have joined the Community that now gathers 22 projects co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), almost 300 organisations (public authorities, private companies, universities, NGOs and international organisations) active in 12 European-Mediterranean coastal areas. Besides, two Strategic Projects, approved in October 2019, focusing on governance of sustainable tourism will join forces with the Community. 

Role of NECSTouR:

The project partners are the Deputacion of Barcelona (DIBA), Arco Latino, the Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED), Plan Bleu, University of Thessaly (UTH), the Adriatic Ionian Euroregion (AIE), the Regional Development Agency of Green Karst (Slovenia) and NECSTouR.

NECSTouR permanent secretariat is one of the new partners in the community, leading the work package aiming for the capitalisation of the knowledge generated by the modular projects into tourism and cohesion policies at different level of decision (local, regional, national and European). The capitalisation will be made through cooperation events and regional working groups.

Role of NECSTouR:
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News and Best Practices

BEST MED Seminar on the development of a Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories in the MED

The BEST MED project seminar “Developing a Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories in the Mediterranean. Data management and sharing for sustainable tourism” is taking place on the 16th December from 9:00 to 14:30 CET. As a member of the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism project and the developer of the Tourism of Tomorrow Lab, NECSTouR is taking part in this event.

Interreg Euro-MED inaugurates a new architecture for 2021-2027

The new Euro-MED programme kicked-off in Lisbon (Portugal) in a hybrid fashion. The programme area is welcoming new members from Spain, North Macedonia and Bulgaria. In total, the Euro-MED programme is now involving 14 countries and 69 regions. It was the occasion the present a new architecture. The first calls are expected in the Spring 2022.

Call for Tenders: creation of an advocacy campaign for WINTER MED project

Our partners from the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR) – through its Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) and Islands Commission (IC), are looking for an experienced entity specialised in advocacy in the field of Sustainable Tourism to support the WINTER MED project with the creation and implementation of an EU-wide Advocacy Campaign.

NECSTouR shares sustainable strategies at the WINTER MED Workshop in Croatia

NECSTouR was invited to take part in the 3rd transnational policy exchange workshop of the Interreg MED on Winter Islands Network for all year round Tourism ExpeRience in the MEDiterranean (WINTER MED). The WINTER MED project presented its final transnational strategy to the audience, a crucial approach in the post-covid tourism ecosystem for NECSTouR. We are ready to support this strategy through our network and our strategic actions.

Behavioural science and Nudge : what potential for a better management of tourism flows?

The HERIT-DATA partners from Florence and AVITEM just kicked off a unique experimentation : developing and testing solutions that use behavioural insights to address tourism flows-related challenges in Florence. This experimentation is accompanied by behavioural science experts from The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) and two designers.

Online Workshop: Build Value through Sustainable Tourism

Challenges for the Italian Regions


NECSTouR Secretariat was speaker at this conference, delivering its recommendations for a better long-term recovery through opportunities offered by the European programming period 2021-27:

REPORT: Sustainable Tourism solutions to reduce pollution in the Mediterranean

NECSTouR organised a workshop on June 3rd during the last EU Green Week in the framework of the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism horizontal project. Partners and experts from the Interreg MED thematic community shared outputs and policy recommendations.

NECSTouR shares its data strategy during HERIT-DATA mid-term conference

On the 9th and 10th June, the Interreg MED HERIT-DATA project held its Mid-Term Conference. We were there to share our data strategy as the Horizontal Angel for HERIT-DATA, in charge of monitoring advancements from the project to rest of the partnership of the Sustainable Tourism community of the Interreg MED Programme.

NECSTouR Activity Report 2020

Together with our members and partners, we have successfully accomplished our strategic objectives. Our work has led to important achievements in 2020. Relive them through our freshly published activity report.

European Green Deal: Developing a sustainable blue economy in the European Union

On 17 May, the European Commission proposed a new approach for a sustainable blue economy in the EU for the industries and sectors related to oceans, seas and coasts. A sustainable blue economy is essential to achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal and ensuring a green and inclusive recovery from the pandemic.

HERIT-DATA : Innovative solutions to manage tourism flows through technologies and big data

The Interreg MED project Herit-Data is celebrating is mid-point with an online conference on the mornings of the 9th and 10th of June: "Innovative solutions to better manage tourism flows impact on cultural and natural heritage sites through technologies and big data"

EU Green Week Partner Event: Sustainable Tourism solutions to reduce pollution in the Mediterranean area

For the next EU Green Week, NECSTouR is organizing a webinar along with its partners in the Interreg MED programme on June 3rd. The goal of this webinar is to present solutions from a selected number of projects aiming at reducing pollution with an ethical and sustainable consumption of tourism: Ecotourism (DESTIMED PLUS), Cycle tourism (MEDCYCLETOUR), Waste management (BLUEISLANDS) and Water Management (CASTWATER).