MED Sustainable Tourism Kick-Off Meeting

MED Sustainable Tourism Kick-Off Meeting Report

Representatives of the Modular Projects of the Sustainable Tourism community gathered in Salou (Spain) on 2-4  March for the Kick-Off Meeting of the Interreg MED Horizontal Project.

"The community is looking for synergies to work together to capitalise on your project's achievements" said Josep Rodriguez from the Barcelona Province, a NECSTouR member and the project's Lead Partner. Previewing more than two years of work in the project life aiming to find solutions for the protection and promotion of natural and cultural resources in the Mediterranean area through a coherent strategy of Community Building, Communication and Capitalisation.

Sustainable Tourism is one of the eight themes of the Interreg MED programme and the biggest community with 22 projects and almost 400 entities involved, including many regional and national authorities all over the MED area. Numerous NECSTouR members and partners, engaged in different modular projects, were registered to participate in Salou : Valencia Region, Andalucia, Catalonia, Anci Toscana, Occitanie, Tuscany... In addition, NECSTouR is responsible for liaising the results of three of the 22 projects (Mitomed+, HERIT-DATA, WinterMED).

Capitalisation session

During the second day, NECSTouR organised workshops on capitalisation asking the important questions: what to capitalise and why, to whom and how to capitalise. Earlier in February, part of the partnership of the Horizontal Project went to a two-day joint event between PANORAMED and the Interreg MED Programme held in Madrid. NECSTouR was present to learn about governance and coordination mechanisms. Read the report here (only for members).