First research paper after the implementation of the MITOMED+ Green Beach Model

Users’ perceptions and satisfaction as indicators for sustainable beach management

  • 10/03/2020

The purpose of the research paper, conducted by the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism in Istria Region, is to analyse the importance of users’ perceptions and satisfaction as an indicator for future investment and management of beaches in a sustainable way. It's the first research paper published after the implementation of the MITOMED+ project's Green Beach Model. The developed survey and findings can help future beach managers and local destinations as a tool for sustainable destination management.


In this paper, the case study of Karpinjan Beach (Novigrad) is presented. For the research, a questionnaire for beach users was developed. The field research was carried out in 2017 among beach users (tourists, visitors and residents) before the investment and again in 2018 after the investment and implementation of the Green Beach Model, within the framework of the MITOMED+ project.


In total, 547 beach users were interviewed on Karpinjan Beach. The beach users were most satisfied with the beach comfort, beautiful scenery and beach cleanliness in both years. The usefulness of specific elements, as future indicators for sustainable beach management, is discussed in the paper.

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