WTTC publishes new report on destination resilience

WTTC publishes new report on destination resilience

  • 21/06/2022

In 2019, the Travel & Tourism sector’s contribution to GDP was 10.3% and fell to 5.3% in 2020 when the pandemic was at its height. Following the last two years of disturbance to the tourism sector, which was hit the hardest by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) published on 14th June a report on practical guidelines and case studies to support destinations in becoming more resilient and sustainable.

The report “Enhancing Resilience to Create Sustainability in Destinations” builds on real life case studies and presents a range of resilience actions for destinations before, during or after shock events in order to support and guide destinations. According to the report, destinations should focus on five elements to build resilience and long-term sustainability. These are: environment, infrastructure, energy, economic, and societal resilience. The report also offers some recommendations identified as key for destinations in their journey to improve their resilience: developing successful governance models, ensuring ownership and shared value, and preparation and processes for the next shock.

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