BEST MED: Data Management for Sustainable Tourism
09/12/2020 - 09:30

BEST MED: Data Management for Sustainable Tourism

The online workshop on Data Management for Sustainable Tourism is the first technical event organized by the Interreg BEST MED project, to share the results of its study activities, coordinated by the Regional Tourism Agency of Lazio Region, a NECSTouR region. The Sustainable Tourism community (STC) is heavily engaged in the process with several projects present in the agenda. In addition of Lazio, NECSTouR members are also involved with the participation of Andalusia, the Barcelona Province, the University of Maribor, Occitanie, Tuscany and NECSTouR secretariat.

The goal of the two-days workshop is to engage in a closer cooperation with Mediterranean tourism sector’s stakeholders, most particularly the use of web platforms for data gathering and management, especially in the field of tourism sustainability indicators. Particular attention is paid to the presentation of the new platform developed by BEST MED on the basis of Mitomed+ project’s platform, one of NECSTouR most successful projects.

Cooperation at Mediterranean and EU level towards a MED network of tourism observatories

Along the UNWTO and UNIMED, Josep Rodriguez from the Barcelona Province, lead partner of the Sustainable Tourism Community and Cristina Nunez, NECSTouR managing director (in charge of capitalisation activities) will present the main features of the communities The final segment of the event will explore the potential synergies between STC partner organisations and Mediterranean/EU tourism sector’s stakeholders. In addition, the event is including the participation of some Sustainable Tourism Community’s projects, such as HERIT-DATA, MITOMED+, DESTIMED Plus, CO-EVOLVE and SMART MED.


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