2022 Easter Period Impact on the Tourism Sector in Andalucia

2022 Easter Period Impact on the Tourism Sector in Andalucia

  • 16/05/2022

Expectations for the period

The forecasts pointed to an Easter Week with very positive results with data very similar to those of 2019 - before the pandemic of Covid-19 - with an occupancy rate of more than 70% during the week, and during the weekend it could even reach 95 and 100% occupancy in some parts of the region.


Data for the Easter period

Very considerable increases have been recorded in seat availability from foreign visitors, such as:

  • France (9% more then 2017)
  • The Netherlands (7% more)
  • Italy (6% more)
  • Ireland (20% more)
  • Switzerland (33% more)
  • Portugal (202% more)

Regarding tourists from the United Kingdom, the long-awaited recovery of this market is also confirmed in our region.


Data for Easter week:

  • The average expenditure per tourist per day has reached 72.4 euros.
  • The average stay in the community has been five days.
  • A total of 670,375 overnights have been reached between Thursday and Saturday, an occupancy rate of 84.2% (one point less than in 2019).
  • In some types of accommodation, such as rural houses, the figures for 2019 have already been beaten, with an average occupancy rate of 48.3% for the whole week (compared to 47.1% in 2019) and 73.7% in the following week (compared to 73.1%).
  • In the case of hotel establishments, average occupancy during the week was 75.2% (78.8% in 2019) and 85.2% from Thursday to Saturday (just one point less than that recorded in the last year before the pandemic).


Recovery Plan

No specific plan has been drawn up for the spring. Andalucia is maintaining the strategic planning already formulated, through the META 2027 Strategic Plan, complemented with some specific actions to promote events including:

  • Events related to the Moto Grand Prix in Jerez
  • The Andalucía Equality Golf Cup 2022


Balance of the spring season

It is expected that the data to be achieved during the second quarter of the year 2022 will be as positive or even better than those achieved in 2019, the previous year to the pandemic caused by COVID 19.

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