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Andalusia: New actions to recover the impacts of the pandemic in the tourism sector (NEW 07/07)

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • Tue, 07/07/2020 - 00:00

The focus

Besides the Andalusia Tourism Contingency Plan for the COVID-19 crisis aiming to mitigate the negative effects of the crisis based on :i) Implementation of contingency actions, incentives to maintain employment, financing and business liquidity, and implementation of fiscal actions and ii) Marketing Actions (see more information here), the region of Andalusia has deployed additional measures to boost the support of the tourism industry towards its recovery. 


The actions

1. Execution of strategic and specific actions to promote safety:

- Launch of a training plan for the sector (with 5,000 registered professionals)
- Creation of the first virtual tourism fair
- Formulation of the new Strategic Plan for Sustainable Tourism incorporating the new crisis and recovery scenarios
- Making available to the sector Big Data programs and market analysis and alert systems for booking and flight comparisons, updating of sector regulations (hotel categories earning-points based)
- Creation of the Stamp "Safe Andalusia" and the guide of sanitary recommendations for tourism. This distinctive Stamp available to its tourism industry, free of charge and on a voluntary basis is implemented already by 600 companies and community resources from the Andalusia region. It works associated with a practical Guide of recommendations created by the regional administration. The specially designed stamp will allow tourists to recognise companies which have adopted health and hygiene standardised protocols.



Andalusia has made available to its tourism industry a set of tools and digital services to identify the situation, target opportunities, markets and the best moments to reactivate the promotion and boost the tourist reactivation:

- Opinion survey on accommodation offer: summer 2020 forecast
- Coronavirus health crisis scoreboard · Tourism consumption: flights
- Coronavirus health crisis scoreboard · General consumption
- Analysis matrix of national markets. Total trips
- Online survey of travel agencies
- Opinion of the Spanish population on their trips during the period of lockdown



Since March, Andalucia Lab has developed nearly 50 actions that have benefited 5,000 professionals.

- 39 Workshops: 20 different topics related to the field of digital marketing, more than 15 different speakers.
- 2 Monographs and 1 MasterClass delving into topics such as accessibility or the creation of new itineraries with the V centenary of the First World Tour.
- 3 Technological Demonstrations.
- 100 online consultancies, in three monthly series, aimed at designing the digital strategy, the presence in tourism distribution channels for SMEs and destinations.


Supporting material

Detailed description of the measures
Andalusia: COVID-19 – Tourism Contigency Plan (Update 27/04)


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