Balance of the Impact of the war in Ukraine in Sardinia

Balance of the Impact of the war in Ukraine in Sardinia

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 23/03/2022

Pre-crisis Situation

Russian presence for 2020 according to the Sardinia region in total accommodation facilities (hotel and non-hotel):

  • Total arrivals: 1.962
  • Total presences: 7.921
  • Average stay: 4,0 days


Impact of the War

  • Since February 27, the Italian airspace is closed to Russian flights.
  • In Gallura (North-Est), over 40,000 thousand Russians were estimated to spend their vacation, for a total of 220, 000 presences (mainly in owned villas/houses). There are no official data, but Russian customers have almost disappeared from this area[1].

In South Sardinia, no official figures are available, but the downturn was reported by the Director of the Pula resort himself.[2]


Economic Consequences

The war is having a heavy impact on the island.

In the months before the Russian raids, the Sardinians already paid an exorbitant cost of electricity.

Concerning Russian tourism, there is a percentage presence of 1.5% (about 220 thousand people), but with a spending capacity of 40 million to the hospitality and another 40 for the ancillary, which comes to even greater figures with the various services.

The global situation will surely have repercussions on the tourist season and risks to make very difficult the survival of many activities.


Measures taken

No measures/strategies will be adopted if sanctions against Russia remain in force.

Minors rescued in Odessa and Donetsk will be hosted with their guardians (a total of about 70 people). Identifications will be carried out in the two facilities, followed by medical examinations and health checks[1].

Municipalities and private citizens are providing facilities to accommodate Ukrainian refugees.



[1] Source: "Sardinia Tourism Observatory" (ANSA, article dated 02 March 2022)

[2] Source: , article on September 4, 2021)


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