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Balance of the Tourism Season in 2020 in Galicia

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • Wed, 09/09/2020 - 00:00

Summer season Figures

- Decrease 60% compared to last year. In July the decrease 42%, less intense than the whole country
- Better behavior of domestic tourism is observed compared to the foreigner. This better behaviour translates into an increase in intraregional tourist of around 10 points.
- National including Galician tourists was 87%, most of the foreigners have been from Portugal and France
- The Camino de Santiago has also suffered a significant decline, especially due to its high dependence on the international segment. The decrease is also noted in the older segment and in those who traditionally use the hostels.

- Behaviour:

a. Towns the decrease was bigger than in isolated/wild areas reaching almost 100%, looking for natural, rural, open spaces, without overcrowding.

b. Summer: good weather has supported the visitors traveling to Galicia


Measures to revert situation

- Special and intensive promotion in regional internal market and national market.
- Loans and interest rates aid for companies.
- Agreements with different touristic sector to provide grants, training, and promotion.


Tourism and regional recovery plan

Recovery plan was prepared in April to be approved and implemented in May.

The recovery plan will include:

- Promotion on safety label - COVID19 free label for hotels/accommodations/commerce and protocols for any singular type of accommodation, restauration, and other touristic services. Moreover, there is a special plan for safety in all the services around the Camino de Santiago.
- Provide loans (national governments have loans for tourism enterprises) and Galicia has increased this budget
- Currently working with the national government: national sustainable plans for tourism to prepare a new plan.
- The four axes in the recovery plan are: support the companies and the employment. Promotion and encourage the consumers. Creation of new touristic products. Training and innovation.


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