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Wed, 09/09/2020 - 00:00

Balance of the Tourism Season in 2020 in South Sweden (Kalmar County)

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • Wed, 09/09/2020 - 00:00

Summer season Figures

- Initially in Sweden they were only able to travel 2hours from home, so the strategy was oriented towards “staycation”. The 4th of June the travel burdens were lifted and all companies prepared themselves to welcome Swedish guests in a Corona friendly way.

- Main month of vacation in Sweden is July. So the summer in the region was not as bad as thought. On average the July loss was about 6%. The principle market was Sweden. Over-nights stays reduced from January to July with 25,3%. Se attached document. It´s in Swedish but I think you can figure it out. The highest loss in Vimmerby with 75%  is related to the closed down of Astrid Lindgrens world with over 500 000 visitors each year.

January-July 2020 Overnights stays in Kalmar County


Measures and priorities

- At National level:
a. enable tourism companies to benefit from the programme “Reorientation support for companies with considerable declines in turnover” even for the month of May and forward, not only for the months of March and April as initially planned, but from May to July as well.

b. Financial support is provided by the Government as follows: Increased unemployment benefits, Short time work allowance:  employers can reduce their employees’ working hours and receive financial support from the central government to compensate for a significant part of the costs for retaining the employee. https://tillvaxtverket.se/english/short-time-work-allowance.html

- At regional level, provide grants in the form of consultancy cheques to tourism companies, since they are used to work a lot with business development for setting.  

- MICE sector:  working on a project together with the South Regions In Sweden to “save MICE”. Financed by EU, the Regions and The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.


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