Wed, 09/09/2020 - 00:00

Balance of the Tourism Season in 2020 in Tuscany

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • Wed, 09/09/2020 - 00:00

Summer Season Figures

At the beginning of Summer, a new tourism promotion campaign has been launched for the internal market. The campaign has been enriched with specific offers by the private section, coherent with the overall strategy of the campaign (public-private co-operation).

The sector stressed different performance within the region:

- Coastal areas: increase of tourism presence specially given to the increase of the domestic demand, coming from other regions of Italy (north) compensating the reduction from tourists coming from abroad. August explosion of demand. The seaside stressed the best performance in these last years.

- Cities of art: Florence and other cities have suffered the most.

Measures to revert situation: an overall budget of 264 million of euro to European funds managed at regional level have been be re-orientated, thanks to the agreement with national government and the approval of EU. 141 million are dedicated to economy. Regional resources have been re-orientated, too.

Among these amounts, some measures are dedicated to the tourism sector, some other are dedicated to different economic sector, included tourism:

- 115 million of grants for SMES (form 40% up to 80% of co-financing) – included tourism
- 10 million for digitisation – included tourism
- 6,5 million to support tourist promotion (regional agency for Tourism Promotion)
- 5 million to support the valorisation of tourism policies at local level (association of municipalities)
- 10 million for air traffic
- 1 million for events
- 1 million for the snow sector
- 10 million access to credit to SMEs : they can receive from 20.000 up to 200.000 for investments already initiated in the period of crises (from February 2020 to February 2021)


Tourism and regional recovery plan

At the moment the strategic plan for Tourism covers 2020, since a new regional government will be elected in September 2020.

The negotiations and preparation of the recovery and resilience plan (for the RRF of the Next Generation EU) are managed at national level. The governance of the preparation process for the recovery plan, at the moment contacts have been activated with regions to define actions. Tuscany is working to understand how to influence the process. Officially two commissions have been set up at national level and regions are not involved.


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