Balance of the Tourism Season in 2021 in Galicia

Balance of the Tourism Season in 2021 in Galicia

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 21/09/2021

Plan/Priorities for the season

We had an specific scheme called “Galicia: safe destination” focused in the following priorities:
- Adaptation of the tourist sector to the new scenario
- Regain confidence of the visitor in Galicia as a safe destination


Impact of the pandemic on numbers of visitors

We have totally exceeded our best expectations, not only in touristic spots like Santiago de Compostela but in the whole regions. We think that our plan has succeeded specially among national visitors. Our objective right now is try to pass on this message to the international market.

The local restrictions were only intended for the hospitality sector ( mostly capacity limits). That didn´t seem to have affected the bookings at a national level.

On the other hand, international restrictions to mobility (quarantines, certificates of vaccinations, reduction of international flights) has severally affected the number of international visitors who traditionally had more spending capacity than the nationals.

In conclusion: the drop in the number of international visitors has been compensated by the increase of the nationals but we still have to wait to know if this has affected the total incomes.


Data on the Summer Season

We are totally overwhelmed by the number of visitors. As an example, we beat the record of overnights of national tourist in Santiago in the month of July.


Update on the EU Funds in the Region

As the rest of the regions in Spain, Galicia is part of the National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism, to be developed in the following three years. We are currently working in the projects that are going to be summited in the first call by 20th of September: Sustainability Plans for specific destinations and  Regional Plan of Cohesion.


More info on Regional Recovery Plan

For more info: Galicia destino seguro - GALICIA (


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