Balance of the Tourism Season in 2021 in Valencia Region

Balance of the Tourism Season in 2021 in Valencia Region

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 21/09/2021

Plan/Priorities for the season

Summer season is our pick season, so we focus our work more on the rest of the year, trying to extend the touristic activity through all of it, our main goal is reducing seasonality and demand diversity. Anyway, due to the pandemic, specific marketing actions have been carried out, specially, online.


Impact of the pandemic on numbers of visitors

National demand has been increased (specially, domestic demand because of the initiative of bonus for residents launched by us) while international demand decreased.  
In general, we expected more international visitors (from UK, Germany, France, Italy…) during summer season, but, due to the pandemic evolution and the continuous changes of quarantines etc, unfortunately, our expectations have not quite been met.


Data on the Summer Season

At this moment we have official data of June and July, but august is the most important season’s month; regarding July, august insight shows better results of domestic demand and similarly low levels of our first foreign market, UK.

In June-July, 878.371 international tourist stayed in the Valencian Region, a 59,7% decrease regarding 2019.

The number of hotel nights (4,14 million) has decreased a 37,6% regarding 2019. Residents in Spain account for 3,3 million, and 15,1% decrease; the number of hotel nights of residents abroad has decreased a 69,9%. Hotel readability has decreased a 24,5%. People working in hospitality has decrease 9,8%.

For more detail, see the links provided to a June-July provisional balance, and the monthly results for accommodation and destinations


Update on the EU Funds in the Region

Around 140 million euros are expected to be received from the main instrument of intervention of the Spanish Tourism Administration, “Tourism Sustainability Plan for Destinations”, in order to boost the transformation of Spanish tourist destinations towards sustainability.
This plan will be financed with the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR)


More info on Regional Recovery Plan

Please, find here - in Spanish - our Strategical Plan, 2020-2025:  


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