Canary Islands: COVID-19, becoming the global Lab for tourism safety protocols

Canary Islands: COVID-19, becoming the global Lab for tourism safety protocols (New 02/06)

    Thomas Guillot
  • 02/06/2020

The Regional Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Trade the Canary Islands Tourism aims to become a global laboratory for redesigning security tourism protocols, applying them on the islands and sharing them with other tourist destinations in the world. Find the related measures below.

Two websites gathering tourism-COVID 19 related information for the tourism sector and for the visitors.


Highlight of the Canary Islands measures


Pilot Safety Flight: The Canary Islands will be the tourism destination testing the first pilot flight with passengers monitored by a secure health application called Hi + Card and free of COVID-19. This pilot initiative is being led by a cooperation between the Regional Government of Canary Islands, Turisfera, Canary Islands Business Innovation cluster, and launched by Air Institute and Tourism Data Driven Solutions (TDDS) in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in their attempt to share and develop measures to support the recovery of tourism in the Canary Islands as a safe destination.

The travellers of this first world pilot flight, which will take place next July, will have a unique digital profile on their smartphones thanks to the application where a health entity, accredited by the Ministry of Health, uploads their medical information.

The region has created the Laboratorio Global para la Seguridad Turística (Global Laboratory for Tourism Security) including 18 working groups representing the whole tourism value chain (from golf to accommodation) and covering different professional roles and positions. The goal is to redesign the process of consultation and implementation to faster and better adapt – and react if needed – to the certifications/regulations coming first from the competent national authorities, and then by the EU.


The Laboratorio Global para la Seguridad Turística ‘Canarias Fortaleza’ offers a training programme aiming to provide capacity building to become a experience and safety oriented destinations. This training is being developed jointly with the public company HECANSA and will include protocols on the Mice sector (incentives and conferences), the Accommodation, hospitality and general sector on how to transmit health security measures/protocols to the tourist.


A work team is specifically dedicated to permanently analyse both destination and source markets, the different alternative scenarios based on the dynamics of Internet searches and bookings, as well as social media listening, researchers, studies and decisions of health authorities to anticipate activation strategies.


Marketing and promotional campaigns are focused on domestic and international tourism targeting from sun and beach to nature tourism offers.

“Canaryfulness, the sound of nature” an innovative campaign inviting residents and visitors to connect to Canary Islands from their home through music and images representing each islands aiming to support the listener while studying, mediating, relaxing or even concentrating.

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