Good Practices for Sustainable Cruise Tourism

Good practices for sustainable cruise tourism

  • 10/02/2023

This study gathered and analysed available evidence on cruise tourism to support cruise stakeholders in moving forward on sustainability. It took place against a policy background of the European Green Deal, the European Commission new approach to sustainable blue economy and the development of a Transition Pathway for tourism.

It looked at the economic, social and environmental ‘as-is’, examined the most promising responses to the challenges, measured economic impact, and documented regulatory and non-regulatory environmental and social frameworks. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. There is uncertainty about cost and regulation. Local specificities are important as 13 destination case studies illustrated. However, adopting clear environmental goals, circular economy principles, energy efficiency and fuel flexibility, and collaboration across the ecosystem are no-regrets measures that can be taken now. As a selection of good practices demonstrates, there are practices across a range of cruise players that the industry can look to for learnings, ranging from Onshore Power Supply (OPS), LNG bunkering, sustainable cruise terminals, food waste reduction and waste treatment to a holistic approach to destination management.

Find the Final Report HERE