Ile-de-France recovery plan and immediate measures to support SMEs
Fri, 05/15/2020 - 00:00

Île-de-France: COVID-19 – Tourism Recovery Plan and Immediate Measures to Support SMEs (Update 15/05)

  • Thomas Guillot
  • Fri, 05/15/2020 - 00:00

Île-de-France Region, in partnership with its national government and BPI France, the public investment bank, has taken 11 major measures to support companies facing the crisis caused by Covid-19, including the tourism sector.

The region has set up a single call number for the whole region, to facilitate the information and support to the companies.

Information on the 11 measures is available in one stop shop website (in French)

Highlights of Ile-de-France measures

Solidarity Fund for SMEs

Measures to support regional companies by IDF, alone or in partnership with the French national government and BPI France

the facilitation of massive access to bank loans by setting up a €1 billion solidarity fund:

- 1st phase a guarantee fund (€700 million in new loans with 80% guarantees) providing SMEs with 1 500 euros from this solidary Fund.
- NEW! 2nd phase to support very small sizes businesses who generate less than €2 million in revenue (turnover), with less than 20 employees, and who have been subject to administrative closure and other COVID-19 related impacts. They can receive between 10.000€ - 5.000€ from this fund under specific criteria

New scheme, called PM’Up COVID-19, to help companies adapt their production lines so that they can manufacture masks, hydro-alcoholic gel or respirators to maintain steady production and employment

Data analytics

New! The Comité Régional du Tourisme de Paris Île-de-France has created a new infographie that provides a better understanding on the “moral”  (feeling, spirit, willingness to travel) of the inhabitants of 5 most important French regions sources of tourists for Île-de-France

Atout France provides tourism professionals with an interactive map on real time impact of #Covid-19 throughout the world and to anticipate the reopening of markets.

Recovery Plan

The Exit strategy is being developed with all the tourism private and public actors in IDF region

Envisage the creation of 650 Kilometers Of Post-Lockdown Cycleways: The Île-de-France region pledged financial support for the RER Vélo project, a network of nine protected cycleways linking the center of Paris with key suburbs,  €300 million will be provided to part-pay for a mix of new infrastructure and temporary “corona cycleways.


Other Information of Interest

Presentation of Ile-de-France measures during NECSTouR Webinar - 27/03

Read the complete proposal for Ile-de-France recovery plan.

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