Wallonia Measures on Covid-19
Thu, 04/23/2020 - 00:00

Wallonia Measures on Covid-19 (update 23/06/2020)

  • Thomas Guillot
  • Thu, 04/23/2020 - 00:00

The Wallonia region has taken economic measures to support SMEs during the Covid-19 outbreak, including the tourism sector.

Highlight the Wallonia measures

Besides federal measures such as:

- a fixed amount per month for firms which have recourse to partial unemployment for force majeure ;
- deferral of VAT payment, social contributions and corporate tax ;
- reduced social contributions for self-employed conditional on proving a decrease in revenue due to the outbreak ;
- cancellation or deferral of social contributions for the self-employed
- income replacement for the self-employed ;
- suspension of penalties for suppliers failing to fulfil government contracts.

WALLONIA REGION has taken measures, as followed:


- 233 million euros for SME’s which have to suffer from the crisis : 5 000 € payment for those which have to close their doors (hotels, catering, travel agencies, tourist attractions)
- possible waiver of utility payments
- deferral of tax payments and water (Walloon water distribution network) invoices;
- freezing of loans to public institutions;
- guarantees on bank loans to companies (SMEs and larger ones)
Quick loans (equal to the bank loans) from the Walloon government funding body (SOGEPA) for  turnaround SME’s
flexibility for SME’s grant applications.


A Walloon taskforce has been working on developing a recovery plan dedicated to tourism. The taskforce is composed of the official bodies - “Commissariat general au Tourisme” (the Walloon administration of tourism)  “Wallonia Belgium Tourism” (in charge of the promotion of Wallonia in Belgium and abroad) and representants of the Minister of tourism -, and works in collaboration with the private sector.

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