YouFlanders Mobile App Response to Covid19 crisis

YouFlanders Mobile App Response to Covid19 crisis

    Tomaso Comazzi
  • 19/01/2021

YouFlanders Mobile App has the objective of giving the visitor the right instruments to visit the region during the pandemic by helping them identify alternative tourism experiences.

The app is not only aimed at visitors, it is also a tool to help local businesses get information and to develop their activities accordingly.

Some of the lessons learned from the app development and delivery process includes the challenge of developing such an instrument within the public sector, and the importance of relying on data to make decisions in the sector.

Currently, the organisation is exploring opportunities to further adapt the app, for example, in relation to ongoing covid safety requirements and finding the right balance between the public institution’s role and the needs of the users.

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This good practice has been presented by Mr. Sam Versele, Ambassador Relations at Visit Flanders at the virtual Conference: "Tourism and the COVID-19 Recovery: The Role of Data and Innovation in Driving a Sustainable Recovery" organised by Scotland House Brussels.

- Summary Report of the Conference


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