FITUR 2022

NECSTouR Makes a further step ahead at FITUR 2022 Towards a Sustainable Tourism Recovery of the European Destinations

As one of the major world trade fair on Tourism, from 19 to 21 of January FITUR 2022 offered to the various NECSTouR Spanish members that were attending the opportunity to meet and discuss on their sustainable tourism plans for recovery.

Among the achievements of this years' edition, NECSTouR fostered cooperation with the European Travel Commission through the signature of a strategic Memorandum of Understanding, signed an adhesion agreement with Turismo Lanzarote, attended the first meeting of UNWTO affiliate members and met with the UNWTO Programme Officer on Sustainable Development of Tourism to coordinate our Climate Action on Tourism.

Here is our report.




19 January 2022: MoU with the European Travel Commission Signed

In the framework of their long-standing cooperation, NECSTouR and the European Travel Commission (ETC) made a step ahead to raise the importance of the tourism sector in Europe.

On 19 January, Dr Manuel Alejandro Cardenete, President of NECSTouR and Vice-Minister of Tourism at Andalusia Region and Mr Luis Araujo, President of ETC and President at Turismo de Portugal, signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on behalf of their organisations.

President Cardenete said:

Through this MoU we will further collaborate with ETC to foster sustainable recovery of our European destinations, while ensuring the protection of our cultural heritage, maintaining the quality of life of local communities and contributing to the local economy.



FITUR Lanzarote

19 January 2022: Signature of the Adhesion Agreement by Turismo Lanzarote

On 19 January, the adhesion of Turismo Lanzarote to NECSTouR has been formalised by the signature of an Adhesion Agreement.

NECSTouR President Manuel Alejandro Cardenete stated:

We count on that powerful and committed destination to inspire with their good practices our knowledge hub and to support the development of our Sustainable Strategy

Ms María Dolores Corujo Berriel, President of the General Tourist Board of Lanzarote said:

That is the beginning of an alliance that provides Lanzarote with a safe and determined path towards sustainability. Lanzarote started this path already 20 years ago



fitur navarra

19 January 2022: Debate on the vision of tourism demand towards a Sustainable tourism

Mr Josep Rodriguez from the Barcelona Province moderated on behalf of NECSTouR the debate on the vision of national and international tourism demand towards a Sustainable tourism organised by Navarra Region.

Increasing the quality of the tourism offer has been identified as the essential pathway to achieve sustainability in Tourism, especially in this time of recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.




20 January 2022: Meeting of the UNWTO Affiliate Members

President Manuel Alejandro Cardenete attended the first meeting of the board UNWTO affiliate members elected last September for the mandate 2021-2025.

Our President brought the interests of our Regions and Destinations in this global framework of the UN Agency specialised on Tourism.

Basquetour and the University of Malaga - two members of NECSTouR - also attended the meeting.

The 23 members of the Board voted Hotel Business Association Madrid (AEHM) as Chair; Chamber of Tourism of Argentina as 1st Vice Chair; and Chameleon Strategies as 2nd Vice Chair. Read more




20 January 2022: Meeting of the NECSTouR Spanish Member Regions

On 20 January eight NECSTouR Spanish Regions - Andalusia, Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Canary Islands, Catalonia, Galicia, Navarre and Valencia Region - and the Barcelona Province met at the pavilion of Navarra Region to take stock of the implementation of the Spanish Government calls for projects “Plans for Sustainable Tourism Destinations”, in the framework of “España Puede” – the Spanish Recovery and Resilience Plan.

, The meeting has been opened by Mr Alberto Ecay Pagoto, Director of the Planning and Tourism Innovation Service the Navarre Regional Government, the hosting Region.

The meeting has been the opportunity to maintain the ongoing dialogue and expertise sharing for an effective management of these first calls for projects which translate the available funds for Tourism recovery into action where Regional Tourism Authorities play a crutial role.





21 January 2022: Meeting with UNWTO to prepare our Climate Action Plan

On 21 January, a meeting between the NECSTouR President Manuel Alejandro Cardenete and Ms Virginia Fernandez Trapa, Programme Officer on Sustainable Development of Tourism at UNWTO took place at the pavilion of Andalusia.

The aim of the meeting was to define ways for cooperation in the framework of  the NECSTouR Climate Action Plan which the network wishes to develop and implement with the endorsement and support of the  UNWTO and the Travel Foundation.

Dr Cardenete expressed the network's strong commitment in transforming the Glasgow Declaration into action after NECSTouR signed it in  the COP-26 in Glasgow.
He updated Ms Fernández-Trapa on the NECSTouR plans and ambition, making  converge the Glasgow pathways with the EU Tourism Transition Pathways into the  network's climate action plan.

UNWTO is keen of counting with the support of NECSTouR on its programme, as our network could be a catalyser among our European regions.






21 January 2022: Tourism of Tomorrow Lab Presentation at the Forum by Tourespaña

On 21 January, the Spanish Tourists Organisation organised a Forum to debate on how measurement could support the decision-making process on Tourism.

Ms Ana Moniche from the Andalusia Region and NECSTouR expert on data, intervened to present the Tourism of Tomorrow Lab as the NECSTouR solution to move towards sustainability through data-driven decision-making.