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Report: NECSTouR held a CHARM Workshop in Burg-Reuland (Belgium)

On Friday the 4th of September, NECSTouR Permanent Secretariat organised a workshop with tourism stakeholders of the village of Burg-Reuland in Eastern Belgium. As the partner following the Belgian pilot village of the CHARM project, NECSTouR was responsible to put together this working session. I was co-organised by the Tourist Info Burö of Burg-Reuland/Ouren, with the support of our member the German-speaking community of Belgium.

Job Vacancy: Temporary EU Project Officer

We are looking for a Colleague to support NECSTouR and its current Presidency, the Catalan Tourism Board in EU Project Acquisition and Implementation.


European Projects Join Forces on Smart and Sustainable Mobility Measures in Tourist Destinations

On the 30th of June 2020, NECSTouR conducted the moderation of the Webinar "Smart and Sustainable Mobility Measures in Tourist Destinations".

The NECSTouR Vision Part of the EU CoR Opinion Towards More Sustainable Tourism

NECSTouR shared its vision about the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) Opinion “Towards more sustainable tourism for EU cities and regions” this 16th of July and called for a higher recognition of the role of the European Regions in the EU Policies and Budget.

NECSTouR Interregional Cooperation Inspires the UNWTO to face COVID-19 Impact

NECSTouR President Patrick Torrent positioned the work of NECSTouR in supporting regional tourism authorities to face the different phases of the COVID crisis at the UNWTO Affiliate members board meeting on 14th and 15th of July.

In this time of crisis, Tourism authorities are deeply interested in most relevant actions being carried out to face the crisis and NECSTouR was an example of optimising interregional cooperation to exchange and inspire knowledge translated into actions.


Regional Perspective on Sustainable Tourism Recovery in the Maritime Regions at the European Parliament

NECSTouR President, Mr Patrick Torrent, joined the high-level political debate of the Seas, Rivers and Islands (SEARICA) Intergroup of the European Parliament.

In his intervention, he shared the perspective of NECSTouR members and of the Sustainable Tourism Community towards Sustainable Tourism recovery from the Covid-19 crisis in the Maritime and Coastal Regions of Europe.


NECSTouR Regional Best Practices for Tourism Recovery inspire the European Debate

The crisis that hit the tourism sector in Europe as consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, draws attention from many sides to the need to support the sector's recovery on new bases.

IPTPO Presents Impacts of COVID-19 on Coastal Destinations and Mitigating Initiatives

NECSTouR Academic Member, Prof. Kristina Brščić from the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism Poreč (IPTPO), intervened at the online conference "What have we learned and done so far: Social, medical and educational aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic“, on the 27 May.


NECSTouR Solutions for Rebuilding the Tourism Sector after the COVID-19 Crisis at ERRIN Webinar

NECSTouR - represented by Cristina Núñez – has been invited by the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Working Group of ERRIN Network to join an online debate on  Rebuilding the Tourism Sector after the COVID-19 crisis and to share NECSTouR views and regional best practices for recovery strategies on the European tourism sector in the post-COVID-19 crisis context.

Building Competitive and Sustainable Tourism at the Times of COVID-19

Mr Patrick Torrent - NECSTouR President and Executive Director at the Catalan Tourism Board - presented vision and priorities of NECSTouR at the Webinar: "Competitive and Sustainable Tourism in Europe coexisting with COVID-19" organised by In2Destination on the 20th of May 2020.

Nordic Regions debate on the NECSTouR COVID-19 Recovery Plan

On the 15th May, Cristina Nunez - NECSTouR Managing Director - was one of the speakers animating the tourism-related discussion of the 9th Smart Regions Group Meeting of the CPMR North Sea Commission while presenting the NECSTouR vision and response to support tourism face to

NECSTouR advocates for the sustainable tourism community in Blue Islands Final Webinar

NECSTouR was invited by ACR+ to represent the Interreg MED Sustainable Tourism community at Blue Islands final event. The project transformed what was supposed to be a conference in a webinar. Hosted by Greek MEP Maria Spyraki, the event was aiming to find solutions for "minimizing the hidden costs of tourism in MED islands" through "waste prevention actions and circular economy perspectives".