2022 Activity Report

2022 Activity Report

  • 04/04/2023

'2022 was the year of tourism recovery for most of our destinations. When the war in Ukraine disrupted peace and democracy in Europe; when the ensuring energy crisis and inflation warned of the efforts still needed to build solid resilience mechanisms; it was then clearly highlighted the urgency of moving to a more sustainable tourism model. It is not the positive seasonal volumes that are enough, but the ambitious 2030 targets that we need to achieve, hand in hand with the EU Tourism Agenda, promoting the transition to sustainability and responding to common challenges through European cooperation'. Yolanda de Aguilar, former President of NECSTouR, Secretary General of Tourism, Andalusia. 




In the NECSTouR 2022 Activity Report, you can find key milestones we have achieved thanks to our network's projects: 

  • Actions to promote destinations' climate action in a common plan. 
  • Practices and partnerships to move towards a regenerative destinations' model. 
  • A year of coaching Destination Management Organisations in measuring sustainable tourism for decision-making through the Tourism of Tomorrow Lab. 

The NECSTouR 2022 activity also provides the Tourism Transition Pathways. This translates commitment into action for the years to come and calls on destinations to treat tourism as a driver of community well-being