Here you can find all the latest publications on Tourism Policy from NECSTouR members, EU Institutions and other tourism stakeholders!

“Accessibility and Inclusive Tourism Development” - UNWTO Compendium of Best Practices

This publication addresses the relative lack of research carried out into the topic of accessibility in nature areas to date. Through multiple cases studies and examples of best practices drawn from UNWTO Affiliate Members and other organizations, it illustrates different ways of designing and implementing projects aimed at improving accessibility in nature and so enabling persons with disabilities to travel to these areas.

First ever EuroVelo Route Development Report

Thanks to the first ever EuroVelo Route Development Report, we now have new route development statistics across the whole EuroVelo network! The collected data, published in April 2021, shows our network has continued to grow since 2019, cementing EuroVelo’s status as the largest cycle route network in the world.

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Île-de-France and Paris lost two-thirds of their tourists in 2020

"The partial closure of borders and restrictive measures have severely restrained the mobility of French and international travelers". After January's partial release, Ile-de-France region report on the entirety of the year 2020.

Briefing for the European Parliament: Relaunching transport and tourism in the EU after COVID-19

On 15 March, a briefing for the European Parliaments Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Relaunching transport and tourism in the EU after COVID-19

Report on Gender Inequalities in the Tourism Labour Market

This report aims to state the issue on the tourism labour market with a gender perspective through a critical viewpoint.

Authors of this report is a team of researchers from the CETT-UB University, a member of NECSTouR.

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