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Visit Scotland Trends 2020: Travelling towards transformational tourism

This 2020 Trends Paper will be an opportunity for Visit Scotland to look ahead to the mega drivers that will influence tourist behaviour for the next ten years. They will also be reviewing the period from 2010 and how behaviours have changed. For this year their annual trends explore the main theme underlying consumer decisions: sustainability.

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Sustainable Holiday Travel: Awareness and Demand in Germany

Summary of the research report based upon data from German Reiseanalyse 2019 by Dirk Schmücker, Ulf Sonntagand & Wolfgang Günther (NIT)

Policy Recommendations by the MED Sustainable Tourism Community

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community (the Community) is a transnational partnership of 18 sustainable tourism projects funded by the Interreg MED Programme. It aims to move towards sustainable coastal and maritime tourism by capitalising on project results and lessons learned.

UNWTO - Transport-related CO2 Emissions of the Tourism Sector

The number of tourists travelling across borders is expected to reach 1.8 billion a year by 2030, according to the latest UNWTO predictions. This will be alongside a further 15.6 billion domestic tourist arrivals. Such growth will bring many opportunities, including socio-economic development and job creation. At the same time, however, greenhouse gas emissions linked to tourism-related transport are also rising, challenging the tourism sector’s ambition to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement.

Research for TRAN Committee "European Tourism: Recent Developments and Future Challenges"

Last October 24th the Think Tank of the European Parliament published on request of the TRAN – Transport and Tourism - Committee a study on, the recent developments and future challenges of European Tourism. NECSTouR members widely contributed on its main findings.

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Main Insights and NECSTouR Contribution

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State of the Industry: The 2019 Report on Travel Advertising

The digital advertising ecosystem grows increasingly complex for travel marketers. To that end, Sojern surveyed more than 600 travel marketers around the world to better understand how they’re navigating these complexities. We examine their key challenges, how they are allocating advertising budget across channels, where they are finding success, and what technologies may impact the future of marketing.