Valencia Region Action Plan against COVID-19 effects
Tue, 06/23/2020 - 00:00

Valencia Region: COVID-19 – Tourism Action Plan (update 23/06)

  • Thomas Guillot
  • Tue, 06/23/2020 - 00:00

The regional government of Valencia has established an Action Plan against COVID-19 effects in the tourism sector through an Inter-governmental coordination, aiming to ensure continuous contacts with the other regional departments of the Generalitat (Health, Emergencies, Employment, Economy...) to agree and develop protocols of action on the various extraordinary measures that are being taken.

A permanent coordination with Valencian tourism agency is ensured by the establishment of a working group composed of the main private and public actors (business associations, destinations and tourist brands) to coordinate actions and share information.

A website for the Tourism regional operators is available to facilitate all the relevant information on the region response to COVID-19.

Highlight the measures


6.5 million euros direct grant (5.5 million € for tourism self-employees and SMEs and 1 million euros for music festivals) targeting the development of experiential tourism products, high quality of services and the travel agencies.

7 million euros launched together with the support of partnership and business projects, to establish training programmes and other singular agreements of relevance for the tourism and creative industry


Launch of contingency plans linked to the different competitiveness and business acceleration programs contributing to adequate services to be offered by the tourism sector to the new requirements of the postCOVIT19 tourist

Launch of the Contingency Plan related to the quality of the tourist offer, a plan that includes three axes: training, assistance and certification, the promotion of the certified offer and communication

Launch of the WEBINARS Crea Turisme, with a wide range of training actions adapted to the new situation:

- Financing And Taxation In Times Of Crisis
- Labor Aspects Linked To Covid-19
- Keys For Structuring Experiences And Products
- Improvement Of Businesses And Destinations During The Crisis
- How To Gain Visibility On-Line
- 5 Business Keys In "Times Of War"

Making available to the private sector: studies, analysis, online courses, to reinforce decision-making based on a rigorous knowledge of the situation and its consequences.

Reinforcement of online courses and launch of new offer focused on management, how to relaunch a business after a period of crisis, cost management, etc.


Production and dissemination of tourist situation reports through ESTISTIQUES DE TURISME based on statistical exploitation

Monitoring the evolution of the pandemic in the Valencian tourism sector, as well as the mitigation measures instrumentalized by the sector to minimize, as far as possible, the impacts.


Defining, programming and launching a complete Plan of promotional contents in RS to spread the differential attributes of our varied offer in the tourist markets.

Campaign: to influence the need to comply with the instructions of Health and the Government and stay at home (#Quedateencasa / Take care to be able to return)

Active listening tools via Social Media to monitor demand evolution

Video and promotional postcards "Preparate para volver" (Get ready to return) to remind the potential tourists the attractiveness of the Valencia Region once the situation normalizes


We've dedicated a whole new page on recovery plan, read it here.

Analysing the situation of the Valencian tourist companies to collect proposals for actions in views of the post-COVID19 recovery

Implementation of a protocol of action with the different destinations of the DTI network (smart tourist destinations)

Empowerment of competitiveness programs (business acceleration – Accetur, support for entrepreneurs – Turisme Emprén, quality of the tourist offer – Sicted and Qualitur, or tourism in SDG key) contributing to adapt the services to be offered by the tourism sector to the new requirements of the postCOVIT19 tourist.


The Board of Directors of the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), made up of the National Employers of the tourism sector, the Secretary of State for Tourism, the Autonomous Communities and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) has unanimously approved the creation of an ICTE seal, Safe Tourism Certified, -a transversal tourist seal, covering 21 subsectors- and to which companies, organizations and tourist resources can voluntarily opt, as a guarantee mark and certification of the implementation of the Risk Prevention System for the Salud versus COVID-19, a mark that would be reached after having passed an audit carried out by independent companies. Valencia region is supporting this initiative and adjusting it to its own needs. The EU should value this type of initiative and finance investments to be made by companies and tourist destinations


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