River Tourims: The Water Museum of Venice

River Tourism: The Water Museum of Venice

    Thomas Guillot
  • 27/11/2020

The Water Museum of Venice is showcasing the heritage of water civilizations in a digital and open-air museum in Veneto and especially the Venice’s hinterlands on more than 70 sites. This good practice supported by the Veneto Region was presented at the occasion of Star Cities International Learning Session.

The project aims to assemble the most significant examples of the rich but fragmented heritage of Water Civilizations’ and the “liquid universe” of the Tre Venezie through an innovative online platform with a number of digital itineraries to facilitate the localization of places and sites.

The Water Museum of Venice also incorporates a section on good practices (projects to revitalize water ecosystems, regenerate aquifers, etc.) as an expression of a more enlightened contemporary “Culture of Water”.

The Water Museum of Venice is a challenge towards building a better future. It is addressed to citizens and authorities who believe in preserving the quality of all water (surface or underground), as well as the cultural and natural river heritage which still evocatively narrates our special and unique relationship with this most precious life source.

The Water Museum of Venice is an important member of UNESCO’s Global Network of Water Museums. 60 museum all over the world in 25 different countries,  welcoming more than 25 million visitors per year.

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