Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

Report: Star Cities Learning Session on Products and Marketing

The Interreg Europe Star Cities project organised a virtual interregional learning session from October 20 to 22. Adapting its work programme to the sanitary situation, the event was originally intended to take place in Hamburg, Germany.

The event coordinated by the Hamburg Metropolregion showcased 16 good practices, separated on four sub-themes. Two guest regions from NECSTouR - Veneto and the Barcelona Province (DIBA) - were selected following a survey we launched a few months ago. Respond to the new survey to share your riverside good practices on Environment & Sustainable strategies.

You can relive each session on YouTube including presentations of good practices from stakeholders from two other NECSTouR regions (Ile-de-France and Lazio Region) already engaged in the consortium. Discover, among others, the Tibertour, a 7 day trip to Rome along the Tiber river ; the Elbe Cycle Bus, a Private transfer service on the Elbe river ; the Herzapfelhof, a sustainable fruit farm in hamburg ; the Explore Paris booking platform ; the Port Museum of Hamburg

NECSTouR Knowledge on River Tourism

Blue Ways (Vies Blaves) is a project to convert almost 300km of paths for bikers and hikers along the main rivers of the province of Barcelona: Llobregat, Anoia and Cardener. Read more about the good practice in our knowledge hub.

The Water Museum of Venice is showcasing the heritage of water civilizations in a digital and open-air museum in Veneto and especially the Venice’s hinterlands on more than 70 sites. The museum is an important member of UNESCO’s Global Network of Water Museums. 60 museum all over the world in 25 different countries, welcoming 25 million visitors per year. Read more about both initiatives in our knowledge hub.