Photo by Josep Manel Mendoza on Unsplash

You are invited to join the CHARMing Villages transnational route

With the CHARM project quickly arriving at its end, comes the moment for NECSTouR regions to join the CHARM vision for a rural tourism relying more and more on modern technologies (AR, VR, online booking, social networks...). If you're interested to have the opportunity to sponsor one of your villages, join the CHARM movement!

The CHARM project is finishing its initial run with 10 villages with 6 different countries (Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Finland and Belgium). The partnership has developed specific products with the local stakeholders in those villages. They are available in the project website, presented through Youtube videos and a AR app available on Android. For its commercialization strategy, the project have developed strong link with Destination Management Companies (DMC) to touch a wider international audience as one village destination but also a translational route. NECSTouR invite its members to the final conference to witness the achievements of the projects. More information on this page.

How to join CHARM

After the end of the COSME project in March, the business model of the CHARM translational route will live through the commercialization of those products and the promotion tools (freely available for the villages). The second phase of CHARM is, of course, expansion! NECSTouR is tasked to recruit new regions wishing to sponsor their villages to enter the life of CHARM, develop their own products and their own promotion tools with the help of the experts of our partnership.

How do you do that? It's simple, you just have to provide us with a (non-biding) letter of interest (we will provide a template), even if you don't know which village you will sponsor in the end. Please, regions, if you are interested, send us an e-mail at

With this letter, you'll have the opportunity to be invited to the first meeting of the second phase of CHARM, when we will start the process to recruit more villages with the support of regions. The goal is to make the CHARM transnational route wider and start a new network of rural tourism destinations promoted through ICT technologies.


If you want to know more about the CHARM project, register to the newsletter on the Charming Villages website.