STAR Cities Team in Hamburg

Report: Star Cities Starts Its Final Phase in Hamburg

After a successful meeting in Ljubljana, all partners of the Interreg Europe project STAR Cities met again in Hamburg (Germany) on the 5th and 6th of May 2022. The workshop and study visits were hosted by the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg. NECSTouR was happy to be among them.

Read the full report on STAR Cities website.

The Hamburg Seminar kicks off the final phase of the project, started since November 2021, where STAR Cities partners will implement actions inspired by each other, including some ideas from NECSTouR members. All partners are now focusing on their regional actions.

For example, The Vtalva Waterway Strategy, a good practice from our academic member AMBIS University selected by NECSTouR, strongly inspired the Elbe River Strategy developed by the Metropolregion of Hamburg. And the Water Museum of Venice gave the methodology for the creation of the Digital Industrial Heritage Museum.

At the end of the workshop, partners and their stakeholders took time to imagine the future of the collaboration.

STAR Cities partners will meet again in Kaunas in September 2022 to present the results of Action Plans during a European Conference, as part of the European Capital of Culture 2022.