Guide for Promotional Practices of Destinations

CHARM Guide to Promote and Commercialise Tourism Destinations Released

  • 28/09/2020

This guide was produced by the Digital Tourism Think Tank (#DTTT) on behalf of the CHARM project (co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union) in order to provide inspiration and guidelines on "what and how to apply new methods in order to promote and commercialise the destinations" to the ten CHARM Villages.

The work conducted by the DTTT for the CHARM project consisted in the creation of a guide unveiling the best methods and approaches to promote and commercialise destinations to tourists, as well as reinforcing the value of local communities. Besides more traditional practices, the project has taken a step forward and has identified cutting-edge actions delivering inspirational content and innovative ideas.

NECSTouR, a partner in the CHARM consortium, thinks those innovative international practices for promotion and development of tourist destinations are useful for other destinations as well. NECSTouR regions are invited to download or consult this extensive guide in the CHARM website.

Read the Guide for Promotional Practices of Destinations here.